Craft Fail Review


Photo Credit: Craftfail, Workman Publishing


I recently received an advance copy of Heather Mann’s book Craft Fail: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong to review. 

Let me begin by saying that I am totally mortified every time I attempt to make some spectacular looking something I saw online and it turns out looking like a melted pile of bedazzled sadness that a dog might have coughed up. Ask my husband-it happens often enough. My first instinct is to cover it up, hide it, and never EVER show anyone. I would certainly never document my failures.  Thank goodness for those that do what I cannot.

I think it’s brilliant that Heather brought us a website (, and now a book documenting and celebrating such horrific craft fails. It’s a good reminder that life is NOT Pinterest (if it was, my kitchen would be huge and spotless and amazing, my house would be meticulously organized, and my kids would have elaborately themed birthday parties). If you want to get technical, for some people, life is a series of Pinterest fails. 

I laughed guiltily at the unfortunate mishaps and sometimes my guilty laughs turned into nods and sighs at the pages that reminded me of my own craft fails (hello “Ink Stain Shirt”!). Sometimes I just had to stare in disbelief (there are some serious “How the hell…” and “What where you even trying to do?” moments there). The captions and snarky side notes throughout the book make it even better.

I personally plan on keeping this book on my desk within reach of my computer and crafting supplies. You know, for those moments when I need to be reminded that “it could be worse”. Or maybe as a deterrent for those times when “hold on, I wanna try something”.

Pick up some copies of Craft Fail: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong and make all your craft-savvy and craft-failer friends smile for the holidays.

Can’t get enough fails? Check out the website and connect on Facebook.


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