String Art

owlAh string art. Retro craftiness. Search for string art on Pinterest and you could easily spend all day browsing instead of just making something (ask me how I know).

Because it’s getting close to Valentine’s Day and because I have a “thing” for owls, I decided to do a merge. A Heawl. An Owrt. Uh. You get the point.


Raid the tool shelf for nails, scrap wood, and a hammer.


Either trace your design lightly with a pencil onto your board, or lay your pattern (I cut mine free-handed on a piece of scrap paper) onto the wood and nail around it.


If you’re doing an inlay-type-of-thing (the middle of the heart will be string-free), be sure to nail around that part too. 


Now channel your inner girl/boy scout and make a slipknot.


Decide where your starting point will be and slip the loop over a nail and tighten it. Start winding around nails. Either methodically or haphazardly. Whatever strings your art.


It should be looking pretty rad after a few minutes. 


 To finish, I wound my way back to the beginning nail, double knotted to the starting end,  trimmed, and tucked it under. I also stuffed some craft felt in the spaces to add dimension and texture.


Have you ever made string art?


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