Make Yummy Smoked Eggs In 5 Super Easy Steps!

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Make Yummy Smoked Eggs In 5 Super Easy Steps!

June 4, 2017 Food And Drink 0
Smoked Eggs
Smoked Eggs

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Have you ever tried throwing in some eggs in the smoker while you are making your weekend barbeque? Nope? Then trust me! You are missing out on quite a delicious dish! Yes, you can actually smoke eggs and it is not just a camping trick, it is definitely a must-try for people who love smoked dishes!

Others might be shaking their heads at this point. Do not worry, I did that, too when I first saw this dish they call smoked eggs. I mean, if it is not that popular then there might be something wrong, right? Maybe it is hard to get right or it does not taste that good. Both counts are definitely wrong. This dish is delicious and easy to make to boot!

And if you are already planning on smoked meats for this weekend (maybe not, we are far from the summer yet) this will be doubly easy! You do not need any rituals or anything else but eggs for that matter. You can just throw them (in other words, place them gently) in the smoker together with the other things you are going to smoke and that is it! Curious yet about these smoked eggs?

What You Are Going To Need In Making Smoked Eggs


  • Eggs- you can smoke as many as you like

See how simple this dish will be? That is right! The only ingredient you need is the egg. There is no set amount of eggs that you will need. There is no additional seasoning (herbs or spices), either. You can totally just be making some smoked meats and decide to make some smoked eggs as well and you will be good to go as long as you have some eggs laying around in the kitchen!


  • Smoker- there is no preference to the smoker you are going to use, either. Just use whatever is convenient for you.
  • Insulated food gloves- or anything that will make handling the eggs easier. Remember to use trusted ones.
  • Hardwood chips- anything that you are using is fine, too.
  • Charcoal- use high quality ones that will not have you adding charcoals every minute
  • Oven thermometer- keep one handy even if you have a built-in thermometer in your smoker

In terms of equipment and whatnot (including the charcoals and the wood chips) learn to invest. Trust me on this, a little more money will go a long way. You might even end up spending more by buying things that are of low quality especially if you are planning on using said equipment all the time.

5 Very Easy to Follow Steps in Making Smoked Eggs

As I have said, smoking eggs is quite easy. That will be ‘easier’ if you already have the smoker set up for a weekend of sun and smoked meats. But we will get down to business thinking that the only thing we are using the smoker for are the eggs. Ah huh, and yes, setting up the smoker is the only thing that will take up much of your time in making these deliciously smoky eggs. Well that and waiting.

So what are we waiting for? Let us get those eggs ready and start learning how to take them up the next level! You will not even need to jot things down- that is how easy making this dish is!

# 1: Choose the wood chips you are going to use and prepare it

wood chips

For the first step, you will just have to decide what type of wood chips you are going to use for the smoking. This is important because the type of wood you will use will determine the smokiness of the eggs. The wood chips will generally be the source of the flavor of the eggs.

If you are already using the smoker for meats then typically whatever you already have in there will be fine. Otherwise, there are guides everywhere as to the best choice in wood chips in different circumstances. Also, when you are new to the smoking game, you might get confused by the many myths when it comes to the wood chips.

Let us get this out of the way: you do not need to soak the wood chips, actually you should not. Some people say that soaking the wood chips will make them last longer and will prevent them from burning- that is correct. The problem with that is the fact that when you soak the wood chips what you get in the beginning is just steam and no smoke whatsoever.

To prevent the wood chips from burning all you have to do is make a foil packet, put the wood chips inside and then poke holes on the foil packet. There are even smokers that have built-in compartments for wood chips! That way the wood chips will not catch fire from the charcoals and will last longer.

# 2: Start preparing the smoker and the charcoal

Once you have chosen the wood chips, you are ready get down and sweaty! Choosing wood chips is probably the only thing that will require brain powers here. The rest you can deal with using practicality. Like choosing the charcoals you are going to use!

The charcoal will not give you any flavor. The only thing to put into consideration is whether the charcoals you are using can reach the temperature needed and sustain it for enough time. If you use charcoals that will require you to add more every 5 minutes or so, the temperature will fluctuate a lot and consistency in temperature is the key in cooking!

Typically it will take about thirty minutes before the charcoals turn glowing white. You will have to wait for that to happen because that is your signal that your smoker is ready! After that you can add in the wood chips in the smoker.

# 3: Wait until the smoker reaches the desired temperature, make adjustments if necessary

Now for the challenging part! Well, it is challenging for me, maybe it will not be that challenging for you, though. So in this step what you are going to do is grab your oven thermometer and start measuring the temperature of the smoker. You have a built-in thermometer in your smoker? They are not to be trusted so do not rely on them!

What you are looking for is a temperature of 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Good for you if you got it in the first try. Most likely you will not get that exact reading right away. Do not panic yet! There are ways to adjust the temperature of the smoker!

The first thing I do in this event is adjust the vents. Just keep on adjusting them bit by bit and take note of the changes in temperature as you do it. It will take a bit of time but once you get the exact temperature you need trust me, you will feel like you have just found the solution to world peace.

# 4: Put the eggs in the smoker

the eggs in the smoker

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We are finally on the fun part! Now that your smoker and everything in it are ready, you can finally grab those eggs and throw them (carefully) into the smoker. There is no science or whatever technique here, just lay them out in a way that the whole surface of the eggs will get the smoky treatment.

You can, again, cook the eggs on their own in the smoker or just throw them in while you are smoking other meats and whatnot. As long as they get enough smoke evenly all over them, they will turn out great.  Leave them in the smoker for two hours, give or take a few minutes depending on the size of the eggs you are smoking.

While smoking the eggs there are, of course, a few things that you will have to keep an eye on. First of which is that the temperature must remain as consistent as possible. Check the temperature now and then, adjust if necessary. Second, make sure that the smoke does not get trapped inside the smoker. You want your dish to taste smoky and not like it got trapped in a chimney.

# 5: Let the eggs cool down and the chow down!

Excellent Smoked Eggs

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If you are doing this, I bet that at this time your stomach is already grumbling. The good thing is that if you are only smoking the eggs then you can get away from the heat of the smoker pronto. The bad thing is you can’t dig in to those delicious eggs just yet. You will have to let them cool down first.

I know that those beautiful eggs are very tempting. Like you just want to peel the shells of already and swallow them whole. Just looking at them are enough to work up an appetite, yes? But the shells are hard enough as it is to peel off when the eggs are cooled down, can you imagine trying to do that when they are still piping hot? Patience is a virtue!

What can you expect once you’ve cracked the shell? First, a tinier egg, they shrink quite significantly! They are also different in texture compared to hardboiled eggs. Smoked eggs are firmer. Also, you will love the smoke ring! You can eat them just like that or incorporate them in dishes as substitute for hardboiled eggs.


What do you think about these steps? They are really easy to understand and follow, aren’t they? Next time you’re smoking some meat, why not try making this as well. This is a great way to add variety in your next barbeque party. A healthy one, too! This is also a great excuse to start dusting off your smokers. I do make them by themselves sometimes.

Smoked eggs are just so delicious that I can’t help but crave them even when it’s not the time for smoked meats. They are also a great way to add a twist to your usual egg dish! Imagine the smoky goodness without that much of guilt! You can even just eat them as is or make another dish of them! Yum!

Thinking about trying out this recipe? Share your thoughts to us! Send us some love by leaving comments- we appreciate them so much!