Roasted Radishes

Usually, when I buy radishes, it is to go in salads raw. I also like them on sandwiches because of their crunch. But some people might not like that little bit o’ spice that raw radishes have (I used to be one of those people but over the years my palette got all “mmmm radishes”). 

As with other vegetables, roasting radishes brings out different flavors. They taste sweeter. But not sickly sweet.

Wanna get this radish party started? 


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Quarter up some radishes (4 or 5 per person is about a good serving). Just slice them right in half and then slice those halves in half. Toss on a couple pats of butter, sprinkle some sage and salt and pepper. Toss to coat. Cook them until they are looking really nice and caramelized. 20 minutes? I might have been distracted chasing my 11 month old around and forgot to time them.

roasted-radishesI tossed them a couple of times just to make sure they were getting nice and evenly cooked.

 roasted radishesWhen they are done, plate the roasted radishes and make sure you get all that delicious sage-butter (really, that’s what makes them so great). Did you just hear my palette cheering?

roasted radishes

How do you like to eat radishes? 



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