Easy Valentine’s Key Fob

easy key fobI love simple, instant gratification crafts. (I also love involved, frustrating, threaten-to-throw-the-sewing-machine-out-the-window projects too, but this easy key fob is most certainly not one of those) 

easy key fobLet’s get some supplies together, shall we?

First, you need webbing. I bought mine online. It’s the same thing some belts are made out of, so if you’re pressed for time you could try some thrift stores for your materials. You could also try a fabric or craft store if you live near civilization (I, however, do not).

You need key fob hardware. Again, one stop shopping- I got mine online.

Then, grab some craft felt. I bought mine in a rather large bag of remnants from a local thrift store.easy key fobCut out some hearts from your felt. I cut mine so they were roughly the same width as my webbing. easy key fobCut your webbing to a length that looks good (mine was at about 8.5 inches). Line up your heart pieces (three facing up, three facing down). Make sure you leave a little margin on the top and bottom to clamp your hardware. Stitch a line straight down the middle of the hearts.

Fold the webbing, meeting the ends together. Carefully clamp (it helps to lay a piece of fabric on the metal so your pliers won’t mark it up) the fob hardware on the end.

And there you have it: pure key fob bliss.easy key fob




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